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B&O Tower - GN

Interlocking Tower

Network Diagram - B&O - PRR-1 - T&OC


B&O Tower with westbound B&O passenger train #233 headed to Cincinnati.  The camera is looking north, the NYC (T&OC) is in the  background with the diesel shown.  The PRR's (little Miami line) crossing is behind the camera.    Photo by Donald A. Kaiser, January 1955.

        B&O tower (aka GN) was located 1.9 miles from Columbus Union Station just north of McKinley Ave.  The NYC (Big Four) and B&O shared the main line from Columbus Union Station until just north of B&O tower were the NYC headed west past the north side of the West Columbus yard and the B&O turned south as shown in the above photo.  The B&O then crossed the NYC (T&OC), passed the  tower and next crossed the PRR (Little Miami line).  The function of B&O tower was to control these crossings.  South of the tower the B&O headed for open country to Cincinnati.  For the NYC (T&OC), the West Columbus yard was to the west and Scioto tower to the east.  For the PRR, the Miami crossing tower was to the west and Scioto tower to the east.  B&O tower was staffed by a  B&O operator.


The camera is looking south.  The B&O main is off camera to the left. The telegraph call sign, GN, is posted on the building.  Photo by Galen Gonser, December, 1970.

Surprise, B&O tower has three stories necessitated by the right of way being on a fill ramping up for the McKinley Ave overpass.  Photo by Galen Gonser, December 1970.

The camera is looking north.  Photo by Galen Gonser, 1970s.

The camera is looking south,  The new I-670 bridge can be seen in the background.  Photo by Galen Gonser,1969.


Looking south.  Photo by Galen Gonzer, December, 1971