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Miami Crossing - MI

Interlocking Tower

Network Diagram - Big Four - PRR-1

Miami Crossing where the PRR  is crossing the NYC (Big Four).  The tower is  sitting north of the crossing and the  track receding in the background is the NYC headed east toward Columbus Union Station.  Photo from BJ Kern/Edward H Miller Collection


        Miami Crossing tower was located 3.5 miles west of Columbus Union Station along the north side of the Columbus State Hospital campus and south of McKinley Avenue.  It controlled the crossing of the PRR (little Miami line) and NYC (Big Four).  On the PRR east of this crossing was the B&O crossing.  To the west was open country.  On the  NYC east of the crossing was Grandview tower.  To the west was open country.  The tower was staffed by a Big Four operator.



A sad looking Miami Crossing on its last legs.  The tower was  burned down by vandals in 1973.  Photo taken May 1971 by Galen Gonser


A Penn Central freight passing Miami Crossing headed toward Columbus.  Photo taken May 1971 by Galen Gonser

Night at Miami Crossing.  Photo taken November 1969 by Galen Gonser

The camera is looking southeast down the PRR track.  In the distance the PRR curves to the east and heads toward Columbus Union Station.  Photo by John Fuller from the Collection of John Fuller.


The switch levers at Miami crossing were part Armstrong, part electrical.  Photo taken May 1971 by Galen Gonser.


        Before the Miami Crossing tower shown above was built there was an earlier  tower controlling the crossing of a double track PRR and single track NYC (Big Four).  Miami  Crossing  sits on the north side of what was called, in the 1940s, the Ohio State Hospital for the Insane.  Later it was named the Central Ohio Psychiatric Hospital.  The large campus grounds of the hospital face on the north side of West Broad St.


Miami Crossing seen from the east looking west.

This  photo is also looking west.  The PRR is the double track and the NYC the single.


This shot looking toward the north is taken from the hospital grounds and is the more difficult to orientate.  The PRR track goes in front of the section crew building located on the right and behind the  tower.  The NYC goes on this side of the tower and this side of the small buildings located on both the left and right.  The fence on the right can also be seen on the left of the top left photo.  All three photos ca. 1900 from the Galen Gonser Collection.