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Summit - SI

Interlocking Tower

Network Diagram - B&O


Summit Interlocking tower on the B&O-PRR Columbus and Newark Division east of Columbus, January 1968.  The camera is looking west toward Columbus.  Photo by Bob McCord from the John Fuller Collection.

     Summit located 14.1 miles from Columbus Union Station sat on the top of a long grade that started at the Scioto River.  It was here that trains could be switch from one track to another and where, in the steam days, helper locomotives would be cut off and sent back to Columbus.  The tower had a manual lever plant.  Summit interlocking tower was located between East Columbus tower on the west and Heath tower on the east.  It was a B&O tower staffed with a B&O operator. 


Summit looking west toward Columbus


Summit looking East toward Newark

Summit looking west toward Columbus

Summit looking north

- Four Photos by Galen Gonser taken June 8, 1975


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