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High Street - HS

Interlocking Tower & Block Office

Network Diagram - PRR-1


High Street Interlocking Tower on the west side of High Street.  The camera is  looking northwest.  The PRR - Little Miami line is in the foreground and the PRR - Bradford line on the far side of the tower.  Photo by Galen Gonser, 9/12/1970.

        High Street tower sat in the "V" made by the merging of the PRR's Little Miami and Bradford lines.  East of the merge, freight trains bypassed Columbus Union Station on its south and passenger trains entered the station.  High Street controlled the signal at Water Street. 

        The  LittleMiami line from the west was on an "S" curve approaching and along side CUS.  Engineers had to be careful with their brake action else their cars were in danger of derailing.  Having a freight train go into emergency was apt to cause problems with cars jumping the track.

        The High Street tower was staffed by the PRR.


High Street tower looking northeast.  Photo by John Fuller

High Street tower looking east toward High Street.  The wall is the back (west side) of the High Street CUS Arcade shops.  Galen Gonser Collection.