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Scioto (LM Cabin) - SC/LM

Interlocking Tower

Network Diagram - C&O - PRR-1 - T&OC


Scioto tower (aka LM Cabin) with the camera looking south.  The NYC (T&OC) tracks are first crossing the C&O then the PRR (Little Miami line) and then curving to the left of the tower.   The C&O double tracks are crossing the NYC then the PRR tracks then passing the tower on the right.  The PRR tracks are crossing the C&O then the NYC and heading to Columbus Union Station.  Photo by Bob McCord from the Collection of John Fuller.

        Scioto Tower is located .9 mile west of Columbus Union Station.  It controlled the crossing of three railroads.  On the PRR, High Street tower is to the east and B&O tower to the west.  On the C&O, Frankfort Street tower is to the south and Olentangy tower (HV cabin) is to the north.  On the NYC, the T&OC station and Frankford Street  tower are to the south and GN tower is to the west.  The tower was staffed by the C&O.  The plant was provided by the NYC.

The west and south sides of Scioto tower.  The stairs to seemingly nowhere were used to hoop orders to the train crews.  Photo by Galen Gonser, December 1970.

A close up of the north side of the tower.  Photo by Galen Gonser, December 1970.

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