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Olentangy (HV Cabin) - HV

Interlocking Tower

Network Diagram - Big Four - PRR-1 - C&O


Olentangy Interlocking Tower located on the east side of the Olentangy River not far from Spruce St.  The camera is pointed southwest.  The NYC (Big Four) is crossing, first the PRR's Bradford line and after passing the tower, the C&O.  The bridge in the background is over the Olentangy river.  It carries the  C&O/PRR interchange know as the "Adams" track.  Just west of this photo the C&O crosses the PRR then the Olentangy river.  Photo by Bob McCord from the John Fuller Collection.

        Olentangy tower must have been a very busy place especially during World War II.  All three railroads - NYC, PRR and C&O had passenger trains that no dispatcher would want stopped at the crossing.  The NYC line also carried the  B&O traffic from Columbus Union Station to just south of the tower and they had passenger trains as well.  This  tower and Miami Crossing, both NYC towers were built on open lattice work.  The C&O referred to Olentangy tower as HV cabin.  Another detail to keep the operator on his toes.


South side of the tower.  Photo by Galen Gonser

East, the side with the stairs, and north side of the tower.  Photo by Galen Gonser


Photo taken from the tower looking  north.  B&O train #233 on the Big Four line  is crossing the PRR.  The Big Four ran along the north side of the PRR's Spruce St. Yard before turning south and crossing the  PRR main show here.  Rubble from the Spruce St. round house can be seen around the smoke stack in the background.  Photo by Galen Gonser taken July 1955.

The camera is looking west-northwest. The tower stairs are on the east side of the building. The C&O is on the left and the Big Four on the right.   Photo by Galen Gonser taken Dec. 1970.


Photo by Galen Gonser


It's 1950 and a west bound manifest with J1 #6467 has just passed Olentangy tower (on the right)  and is approaching the C&O crossing.  The photographer has his back to the Olentangy River looking east.  In the background can be seen the top of the water tower and coal dock at the Pennsy's Spruce St. facilities.  The crossing had been beefed up to handle the pounding of those big steam locomotives including the C&O's 600 ton 2-6-6-6 Alleghany  Photo from the Jay Williams Collection.