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Mounds - MU

Interlocking Tower

Network Diagram - PRR-1 - T&OC


     Mounds tower looking northwest.  The NYC (T&OC) track is shown the PRR Bradford line is off camera to the right.  The distant PRR signal can be seen on the right background. Photo by Galen Gonzer, Feb. 1970.

        I hate to dis-respect the Standard Railroad of the world, but this is one sorry looking tower.  The outhouse looks better then the tower.  The PRR stock holders sure got their money's worth on this facility.

        Mounds Tower was located on the west side of Dublin Rd. north of Trabue Rd.  The tower was torn down in 1972. Judging from the pipes running along the ground, this was an Armstrong tower. 

        It is not clear were the name Mounds came from.  There were Indian mounds located south of the tower which may be the origin of the name.


The PRR and NYC crossed at a very shallow angle.  Here is a view from the PRR track again looking northwest.  Photo by Galen Gonser. 

Photo looking South down the NYC line toward the T&OC's West Columbus Yard.  Photo by Galen Gonser, Feb. 1970.

Looking southeast with a PRR freight crossing the NYC (T&OC).  Photo by Dick Hoover from the John Fuller Collection