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Grandview - BJ

Interlocking Tower

Network Diagram - T&OC - Big Four

Grandview tower - The camera is looking east down the Big Four main line.  The track crossing the main is the T&OC line to Toledo coming from the T&OC's West Columbus Yard in the background.  To the left of the tower can be seen the street crossing guard's shanty built on stilts.  The crossing guard lowered the crossing gates when a train came along.  Just to the right of Grandview tower is an automobile on Grandview Ave crossing the tracks.    The T&OC's West Columbus roundhouse is on the right.  Photo from the Edward H. Miller/BJ Kern Collection, Ca. 1940s.

        Grandview tower, located on the west side of Grandview Avenue just north of McKinley Avenue, controlled the crossing of the NYC's Big Four and T&OC lines.  It also controlled the entrance to the west end of the West Columbus yard.

        The Big Four originally had roundhouse and locomotive servicing facilities located near Columbus Union Station.  When that roundhouse was closed in the 1930's the West Columbus roundhouse took over servicing the Big Four locomotives necessitating the interchange you see in the foreground of the photo above.

        When Grandview tower was built it was on the north side of the Big Four tracks.  When the T&OC passenger trains stopped using the Ohio Central Station on West Broad Street the tower was moved across the tracks and enlarged.  An interchange track shown on the left edge of the photo was added so the T&OC passenger trains could use the Big Four line to  get to CUS.       


Grandview tower looking west with the T&OC line on the left and the Big Four line  on the right of the tower. The bay window was added when the crossing guard's responsibilities were folded into the tower operator's job.  Photo taken from Grandview Ave.  Photo by Dick Hoover from the Collection of John Fuller.

Camera looking northwest.  Photo by Galen Gonser, August 1970

Grandview tower at night taken by Galen Gonser, ca. 1970

An abandoned Grandview tower looking northwest.  Photo taken by Galen Goner, November 1971.

The new Grandview Ave overpass is in the background.  Photo taken by Galen Goner, November 1971.


The levers and model board for Grandview tower.  Photo by Galen Gonser, November 1971.

The camera is looking east showing the bay window that was added in the 1960s.   Photo by Galen Gonser, November 1971.


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