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East Columbus - NY

Interlocking Tower

Network Diagram - B&O


East Columbus interlocking Tower located 4.7 miles from Columbus Union Station on the PRR-B&O Columbus and  Newark Division.  The camera is looking east toward Summit.  Stelzer Road  is over head.  The NYC (T&OC) is crossing the three track PRR/B&O Main line.  The T&OC line is coming from Truro to the south.  It served several customers north of the  crossing including the Ralston Steel Car Co. and ends just west of Woodland Ave.  Photo by John Fuller from the Collection of John Fuller.

Besides the NYC (T&OC) crossing, East Columbus controlled crossover switches on the B&O/PRR main and the exit switch on the west end of the B&O yard.  East Columbus was located between Summit tower on the east and Alum Creek tower on the west.  It was a B&O tower staffed with a B&O operator. 


East Columbus looking northeast.  Photo by John Fuller

East Columbus looking northwest from under the Stelzer Road viaduct.  Photo by Galen  Gonser, June 21, 1975