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Alum Creek - AC

Interlocking Tower

Network Diagram - B&O


Alum Creek interlocking tower on the B&O-PRR Columbus-Newark Division.  The camera is looking northwest.  Photo by Bob McCord from the Collection of John Fuller

        Alum Creek was located 3.2 miles from Columbus Union Station.  It was positioned 1.5 miles west of the East Columbus tower and 2.7 miles east of the Cleveland Ave tower.  Judging from the heavy bundle of cables entering the building from the  rear, (see photo below) Alum Creek had remote control of multiple switches possibly including the east end of Yard "A".  It had a 1940's CTC board.

        It was a B&O tower staffed with a B&O operator. One of the operators was Mary Taggart. She was known for calling the crew's home to let their wives know that their men were coming in on a westbound train.


Alum Creek looking west.  Photo by Bob McCord, John Fuller Collection

Alum Creek looking southeast.  Photo by Galen  Gonser taken July 7, 1973