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NYC Yard Office - CD

Manual Office  

Network Diagram - Big Four

The CD operator was located in the NYC Yard office across from the Columbus Union Station's Track #8.  The New Third Street bridge is on the right.  The yard office is seeing its last days as it will soon be torn down.   Photo by by Galen Gonser, May 1971.

        The operator at CD was located in an upstairs south corner room in the Big Four yard office. The tower controlled New York Central (Big Four)  passenger trains into and out of Columbus Union Station and freight trains between Worthington, geographically to the  north, and Olentangy tower to the  West.  The Big Four freight house was behind and to the north of the yard office facing High Street.  CD was a manual operation using switchtenders. The Neil Avenue switchertender was located to the west of CUS and the DX switchertender on the eastside of CUS.

        The DX switchtender handled the entrance to a small yard and the freight house.

        Sometime before 1946 or 47 there was an operator located at Fifth Avenue where the single track Big Four line from Cleveland transitioned to double track.  When the Fifth Avenue operator was eliminated a CTC panel to remotely control the switch was installed in CD tower. When the CD operator was eliminated the CTC panel was moved to HV tower.

        Essentially CD tower controlled all the Big Four trains from Worthington tower to Olentangy tower.  


 The NYC Yard office from CUS's track #8.  The Smith Brother's Hardware Co. is in the background haze.  The NYC Xplorer is on its way to Cincinnati.  Photo by Alex Campbell, 1956