Columbus Streetcar Remnants in 2007

        Even in 2007, if you know where to look, there are remnants of Columbus' streetcar system to be seen.   The last streetcar line was discontinued in 1948, however, trolley buses ran until May, 1965 giving some of the buildings a few more years of active transit life.  Here are some of those remnants.  If you know of a streetcar system remnant, please send an email to and it will be added to the list.


Kelton Avenue Carhouse and Shops at Kelton Ave and Oak Street on Columbus' Eastside.  Click for photos

South High Carhouse at South High and Hoster Streets on Columbus' Southside.  Click for photos

North High (Arcadia) Carhouse at North High Street and Arcadia Avenue on Columbus' Northside.  Click for  Photos

West Broad Street (Glenwood) Carhouse at West Broad Street and Glenwood Avenue.  Click for photos

Merritt Street Carhouse at Fourth and Merritt Streets on Columbus' Southside.  Click for photos

Cleveland Avenue (Milo) Carhouse at Cleveland and Reynolds Avenues on Columbus' Northside.  Click for photos

Westerville carhouse at State Street and Old County Line Road in Westerville, Ohio.  Click for photos

Columbus, New Albany and Johnstown carbarn at Fourth and Rarig Avenues on Columbus' eastside.  Click for a photo

Equipment Click for photos

#6 Horsecar at the Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, Ohio

#067 Center Cab Flat Motor at the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum in Washington, PA

#703 Streetcar at the Ohio Railway Museum in Worthington, Ohio

The Streetcar body at the Spaghetti Warehouse restaurant, 397 W. Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio although similar is not a Columbus Streetcar.

Right-Of-Way click for photos

The Westerville line's right-of-way ran east-west between Cleveland Avenue and Route 3 through Minerva Park.  Most of that old right-of-way is still visible.  If you go to the north side of Minerva Park Lake your will see a slight rise that is the right-of-way.  From there it is easy to follow it both ways through Minerva Park. The lake is also a left over from the days of the Minerva Park streetcar company amusement park.

Mohawk Street in German Village shows changes in the street's brick pattern outlining the old track location.  Mohawk Street was on the Steelton - Summit line as well as the Scioto Valley Traction line.  Imagine a two or three car Scioto Valley train traveling on Mohawk Street.

Pennsylvania Avenue at Fifth Avenue was the end of the Parsons-Pennsylvania Line.  The streetcar track location can be seen in the paving pattern.

Other Click for photos

Grandview Material Yard on Goodale Avenue east of Grandview Avenue. 

Ramlow Alley Company Housing at North High Street (Near the Arcadia Carhouse).