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Steam Railroad Remnants - #1

PRR's Little Miami Line

Spring Street Bridge


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       This old Pennsylvania Railroad bridge crosses Spring St at the "T" intersection with West St. It is located on what was the PRR's Little Miami line between Columbus Union Station, which was to the east, and the bridge over the Scioto River to The west. The camera is looking west. Photo by Ron Widman, 2011.

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       While a little rusty after so many years service the bridge looks to be in good shape. There are thousands of rivets holding the steel together. The camera is looking south. Photo by Ron Widman, 2011.


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       This is how the scene looked in May 1938 in a photograph from the Galen Gonser Collection. The street coming from the left is Riverside Drive since realigned and renamed Civic Center Drive. In the background is the Ohio State Penitentiary built in 1832 and closed in 1984. It faced on Spring Street. West Street, seen going off to the right, ran along its east boundary.