The South High Street Carhouse - 2007

        The old South High Street complex, at South High Street between Hoster and Beck Streets dates from the horsecar days.  Today there are two buildings still standing.  The first one faces on South High Street and the second on City Park Avenue. The two building are separated by an alley. 

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This building faces South High Street. The street along the side of the building is Hoster Street.  The front of the building has been added sometime after its streetcar days.


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Hoster Street showing the classic carhouse style building.

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The rear of the old carhouse backing on an alley going to the left.



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This is the second building at the South High Street complex.  It now faces on City Park Avenue.  It has been renovated fitting in nicely with German Village architecture.

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The rear of the Park Street building.  In its streetcar days this would have been the entrance for the streetcars.  The alley separating this building from the first building described is in the foreground. 

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Another view of the alley side of the City Park Avenue building.


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North side of the City Park Avenue building showing its classic carhouse brick work.