The North High Street (Arcadia) Carhouse - 2007

        The old North High Street complex, at North High Street and Arcadia Avenue dates from the start of streetcar operation in Columbus.  It was torn down in 1953.  Today there is only a small section of the  building's back wall left standing.   

        This short section of wall with arches in the brick work is all that is left of the North High carhouse.  This electrical substation yard was once a four track storage yard for Summit-Steelton standard gauge cars and possibly the Worthington streetcar.  The North High carhouse was used for wide gauge (5' 2") streetcars.

        The carhouse was located on the southeast corner of North High Street and Arcadia Avenue.  North of Arcadia the track was 5" 2" gauge.  South of Arcadia on North High Street and east on Arcadia the track was 4' 8 1/2" gauge.  The Worthington streetcar and the CD&M interurbans used the standard gauge track.  In 1923 the CD&M relocated its right-of-way off High Street and this route to Worthington  became part of the Summit - Steelton line.  In 1934 the Worthington line was converted to bus service and the wide gauge was extended to Blenheim Road, 3/4 miles north of Arcadia.

       On the west side of High Street was a yard for storing streetcars during off hours.  Also in this area on the west side of High Street was the entrance to Olentangy Park.