Merritt Street Carhouse - 2007

        The Merritt Street Carhouse was the facility serving standard gauge (4' 8 1/2") streetcars on the Columbus system.  It serviced cars for the Summit - Steelton line.  It was located at Fourth and Merritt Streets on Columbus' south side.

        Starting in February 1922, when the CD&M's Worthington by pass took the CD&M interurban cars off High Street between Worthington and Arcadia Avenue, some of the standard gauge cars from the Merritt Street Carhouse would continue all the way to Worthington.

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        This photo was taken from the south end of Fourth Street looking southeast.  Merritt Street runs along the side of the building.  There was a yard that held about 50 streetcars to the right on the south side of Merritt Street.  This building was more a shop then true carhouse.  Inside was a machine shop, paint shop and general repair area.  While a streetcar could be taken to Kelton Avenue, with the use of special shop trucks, it must have been easier to do most standard gauge car repairs right at Merritt Street.

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This photo shows the bricked up windows.

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In its streetcar days the upper area now covered with corrugated metal had a row of windows.

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The rear of the Merritt Street shop building.  The truck dock was added after the streetcar days.