Grandview Material Yard - 2007

Ramlow Alley Company Housing - 2007

        The Grandview Material Yard located on Goodale Avenue near Kramer Avenue provided a storage area for rails, ties, poles and all manner of building materials.  It also provided a railroad siding from which the street car company could receive those materials.  They also received new streetcars, shipped by rail, via this railroad connection.  In 2007 American Electric Power still uses this space for storing their trucks and materials.

        West end of the Grandview Material Yard.  This building was not a part of the Material Yard in the streetcar days.

        Center of property.  In 1948 this is where the ORM members found work motor #067, no longer needed by the Columbus and Southern Ohio Electric Co.  The connection with the railroad was in the back of the property.

        East end of the old Grandview Material Yard property.

        Company housing on Ramlow Alley near North High Street used for Arcadia Carhouse workers.  There is one double and seven single family homes.