Cleveland Avenue (Milo) Carhouse - 2007

        The Milo complex at Cleveland and Reynolds Avenues included a power station, the carhouse and an office building.  All that remains is the office building.  This facility was originally build by the Central Railway for the Westerville line.  The line was absorbed into the streetcar system early.  The Cleveland Avenue line was the first Columbus streetcar line converted to trolley bus in 1933.  The Milo carhouse then became the Cleveland Avenue Coach Station.

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View of the Milo office building from across Cleveland Avenue looking northeast.  Reynolds Avenue is to the right.  The streetcar dispatchers may have worked out of this building.

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The office building was across Reynolds Avenue from the carhouse and power station, all three of which faced on Cleveland Avenue.



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Rear of the office building.  It is not clear the purpose of the porch like structure on the back of the building.


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This is the site of the old carhouse and power station which have been replaced by this warehouse.