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Photo of the Month - November 2010

ca. 1905 P.C.C.&St. L.


       This 1905 era scene was taken in Marble Cliff along the Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Railway just west of Columbus.  The P.C.C.&St.L would later be named the Pennsylvania RR.

       The camera is looking southeast.  The tracks have just crossed West Fifth Avenue and are now turning west to cross the Scioto River behind the camera and head to Piqua, Bradford, Logansport and Chicago.

       Brothers Val and Fred Bierburg, local amateur photographers, are subjects for their own camera.

       Today the farms are gone. The railroad is single track and only goes a short distance past Buckeye yard. This would have been a great train watching spot!

Photo from the Galen Gonser Collection.