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Photo of the Month - November 2008

Lord Baltimore Visits Columbus



The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad's #2 the Lord Baltimore on Columbus Union Station's Track 8.  The photo was taken sometime between 1935, when it was built by the B&O RR, and 1942 when its number was changed to #5340.  Photo from the DAK Collection (dak-3-b&o).

        The B&O RR's fancy new train must have been on a system wide tour, stopping long enough to let the locals check it out.  Judging from the shine, the photo may have been taken around 1935.  #2 had a unique design, as not many locomotives had a water-tube firebox. The B&O RR experimented with water-tube fireboxes on several freight engines, then in 1934 built #1 the Lady Baltimore a Class J-1, 4-4-4 and in 1935 #2 the Lord Baltimore a Class V-2, 4-6-4. 

        #2 owes its sleek exterior design to the English locomotive King George V, Great Western 4-6-0 #6000 which was displayed at the B&O's 1927 Fair of the Iron Horse.  Behind that scoop nosed pilot , which is reminiscent of 19th century locomotives, is a retractable coupler.  The builders did such a good job that it is not obvious just how the coupler extends through that pilot.

        The Lord Baltimore worked the "Royal Blue" between New York and Washington until being replaced by the B&O RR's first road diesel #50 in August 1935.  According to Al Staufer it had some problems with high speed vibrations and too much coupler slack.  It was sent to the Chicago & Alton RR along with its light weight passenger cars where it powered the "Ann Rutledge".  After 1942 it worked in Washington - Cumberland service and later other secondary routes.  It was scrapped in 1949. *       

   *Staufer, Alvin F. & Lawrence W. Sagle B&O Power, 1964, Published by Alvin Staufer