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Photo of the Month - May 2010

Columbus Horse Car


Main Street Horsecar line in the 1880s.   Photo from the Galen Gonser Collection.

        New Columbus horse car photos are hard to come by.  This photo of #132 from the Galen Gonser collection is special because of all the descriptive lettering on the car.  It's lettered for the Columbus Consolidated Street Railway Co. which places the photo between 1880 when this name was first used and 1892 when the last horse car line was converted to electric. 

     Car 132 was one of the last horse cars acquired for Columbus and was used as a trailer for the early 4-wheel electric cars. 

        The man standing on the ground wearing the fare register around his neck was the conductor.  That may be the original blind Asylum (as it was then named) in the background.