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Photo of the Month - June 2010

ca. 1950s Olentangy River Crossing


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C&O RR 6 Olentangy River Road


PRR - Bradford line


Olentangy River


Big Four (NYC) Main Line

(also used by the B&O)


PRR - C&O transfer (aka the Adams Track)


Goodale Blvd. 9 NYC - C&O transfer
5 Goodale St. 10 Ball fields

        An aerial photo taken along the Olentangy River just west of Olentangy (HV Cabin) tower.  Photo from the David Bunge Collection.

Another aerial view of the same spot with a C&O coal drag headed north.  From the Daniel Macke Collection.

        The track (#8) crossing the river and going along side the Palmer-Donavin Company building was a PRR owned track know as the Adams track.  It led to the south side of the PRR's Grandview Yard.1  This was where C&O coal destined for the PRR's Bradford and Sandusky lines was transferred to the PRR.  This track also served gravel pits operated by the American Aggregates.

        According to Robert Stover who worked for the C&O, 1969-1972, empty coal cars were returned to the C&O on track #88 and #90 (not shown on this photo) controlled by Scioto tower (LM cabin). 

        The NYC siding (#9), with the string of empty coal hoppers was a NYC-C&O interchange.  This track also served the Columbus Municipal Light Plant. 

        Dave Bunge tells me that as a kid he spent many an afternoon at the ball fields (#10) watching his father play.  However, he found the C&O steam powered empty coal trains a little more interesting as they invariably stopped along side the field while waiting for clearance to pass HV cabin.      

        Goodale (#4 & #5) changes from a boulevard to a  street when  it crosses the Columbus City line.

        Finally don't miss the PRR freight heading east.


1.  The track and Bridge #0.97A (thru truss) over the Olentangy River and Bridge # 1.03A over Route 315 were owned by the PRR.  The C&O owned only 90 feet of the track at the switch.  This can be verified with PRR valuation maps and C&O documents - Dan Macke, PRR lines West Forum.