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Photo of the Month - July 2009

 Really Big Guns!


             A rail buff could easily spend all his or her hobby time collecting photos of strange railroad cars and this surely would be a candidate for that collection.  I always thought it was only the Germans that put humongous guns on railroad cars.  Turns out the U.S. Army had a few as well. 

        Here is an article that appeared, along with the photo, in the May 17, 1932 Columbus Citizen, one of two afternoon newspapers in Columbus.  The headline indicates the reporter was feeling pretty brave the short time they were in town.


Just Tackle Us now, World! We Dare Ya!

        If an army had marched on Columbus Tuesday, the attack would have been easily and effectively repulsed.

        The capital of Ohio was well protected.

        Standing in the Pennsylvania R.R. yards just south of Fifth avenue were 17 giant coast artillery guns.

         The guns are built on wheels and may be transported over regular railroad systems.  Each gun is as long as three ordinary freight cars.

        Collected from eastern seaboard fortresses, the guns, which have been discarded by the government are being taken to the Weirton Steel Mills at Weirton, W. Va., where they will be scrapped.

        The artillery was brought to Columbus over the Chesapeake & Ohio R.R. and transferred here to the Pennsylvania R.R. for shipment to Weirton.

        Inasmuch as the total weight of each gun, including truck is 272 tons, Pennsylvania officials planned to place six gondolas between guns to prevent overloading on bridges and viaducts.

        The freight cost of the trip was more than $3200 for each gun, it was reported.


News clipping & photo from the Irv Layton Collection