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Photo of the Month - February 2009

 1939 - Columbus' last Interurban


        Cincinnati & Lake Erie Railroad's "Red Devil" #110 was the last regularly scheduled interurban to leave Columbus.  It is shown here at Columbus Interurban Terminal the afternoon of October 29, 1938.  Someone has chalked "Last Run" on the front dash.  The story goes that on the inbound trip to Columbus the car was stopped at a way station and someone handed the motorman a bouquet of flowers which you can see through the front window.

        The group of men in the front of the photo look like they might be bus drivers.  There are three busses in the photo, one with its engine door open.  We can only hope it was broken while the reliable interurban is getting ready to pull out for its last trip to Dayton. 

        Columbus Interurban Terminal opened in 1912 when it was served by upwards of 140 interurbans a day, now twenty-seven years later is was all over. All that would be left of the Central Ohio interurbans would be three small freight operations at Obetz, Marion and Springfield.

        Nineteen of the twenty Red Devils would be sold to either the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City Railway or the Lehigh Valley Transit.  One, #124, was destroyed in a 1933 fire at Cumminsville, Ohio.

Photo by Robert W. Richardson from the Dennis Lamont Collection.