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Photo of the Month - December 2009

 Merritt Street Car House

The crew taken in front of the Merritt Street car house in 1926.  Photo from the David Bunge Collection

        The Columbus Railway Power & Light Company's Merritt Street Car House was located on Columbus' south side.  Originally owned by the Central Market Street Railway Co. this was the standard gauge car house for the Steelton and Chase Avenue lines.  Car houses were where the streetcars received cleaning and light maintenance.  It is also where the motormen and Conductors started and finished their tour. 

        It looks like the man standing on the left was the car house foreman and the man on the right the train crew supervisor.  The seven men in the front row kept the streetcars in good working order, the four women kept the cars clean and the twenty-three trainmen operated the streetcars.  It is not clear what the dog's function was.  Did you find the dog?  Click on the photo to enlarge.