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Ohio Railway Museum Postcards - Set 6

         These shots are from the late 1960's and early 1970's.  Photos by David Bunge.  Alex Campbell Collection.

Columbus & Southern Ohio Electric Co. (C&SOE) steeple cab electric locomotive #2 with Pennsylvania Railroad type N6b caboose # 982131 crossing the rebuilt CD&M bridge over SR 161.  #2 was built at the Columbus Railway Power & Light Company's (CRP&L) Kelton Avenue Shops in 1926.  It was used at the C&SOE Picway Power plant south of Columbus.  The wooden caboose was built in 1906

Illinois Terminal PCC #450 on the west end.  #450 was double ended somewhat rare for a PCC but very convenient for the museum with its point to point track.  The PCC was built in 1948 by the St. Louis Car Co. 

The ORM line crew headed by Al Spilker (on the left) is working on  the south end catenary with Eastern Michigan line car #7763.  Behind #7763 is C&SOE Steeple Cab #2 and CRP&L center-cab work motor #067. 

Chicago North Shore and Milwaukee Railroad interurban #154.  It was built by the J.G. Brill Co. in 1915.

This is Columbus streetcar #703 just east of Proprietors Road (background).  The low 700-series streetcars were the last new cars built for the CRP&L system.  They were built by the G.C. Kuhlman Car Co. of Cleveland in 1923.  When new they were painted in OSU colors of scarlet and gray.

The Columbus Delaware and Marion Electric Co. "Redbird" #501.  #501 is back on its home rails at ORM.  #501 and its sister car #500 were heavy steel interurban parlor cars built by the American Car and Foundry in 1926. 

Here is Youngstown & Ohio River Railroad electric locomotive #7 built by Baldwin-Westinghouse in 1922.  Behind #7 are two PRR outside-braced wooden box cars followed by two steel refrigerator cars.