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Ohio Railway Museum Postcards - Set 4

        Photos taken c.1956 for postcards that were sold to raise the money to bring Kansas City streetcar #472  to the museum.  They were done in a hurry and lacked the quality of the other photo postcards shown.  They are also somewhat rare as not many were produced.  Photos by BJ Kern.  Alex Campbell Collection.

In the summer of 1956 the Pennsylvania Railroad leased 12 5011-class 2-10-4 oil fired steam locomotives from the Santa Fe Railroad for use on its Sandusky Branch which ran along side the museum.  PRR crews preferred these engines to their own J1-class 2-10-4's.  Here 5028 is headed toward Columbus with a string of empty hopper cars.  The ORM car barn is in the background with #21 in the barn and #64 behind.

Another shot of Marble Cliff Quarries #1 when it was brand new to the museum.  The New York Central shops at McKinley Avenue in West Columbus restored #1 before it was brought to the museum in 1956.

Ohio Public Service (OPS) #21 and the Kansas City Birney are headed southbound.  OPS #64 is sitting behind the car barn which is off the picture to the left.

Cincinnati & Lake Erie (C&LE) #119 is crossing Proprietors Road with George Silcott at the controls.  Different locations on the ORM railroad were named; this location was named Clinton. 

The rear of C&LE #119 is seen from the front platform of the Detroit car (#3876).  #119 had a set of controls in the back or the car which is why the motorman can be seen in the car's right corner.