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Ohio Railway Museum Postcards - Set 1

        Views of the ORM in the summer of 1956 when the museum had seven pieces of equipment and about 2000 feet of track in operation.  These postcards show the museum grounds as well as the equipment.  Photos by BJ Kern. Alex Campbell Collection.


The camera is looking south toward the two track car barn.  Detroit Street Railways #3876 is sitting on the car barn track and Erie RR Gas-Electric "doodlebug" #5012 is on the main line.  #5012 was used as a mobile power generating station to power the trolley cars. The steel beams belong to the Wander Construction Co. which owned the land between the ORM track and the PRR right-of-way.

Another view of Detroit Street Railway (DSR) #3876.  The Kansas City Birney is on the right.

Kansas City Birney "Safety" car #1545 sitting in front of Ohio Public Service (OPS) #21.  The Cincinnati & Lake Erie (C&LE) lightweight interurban car #119 can be seen behind #3876 and the Birney.

View from the parking lot looking toward the east.  From the Left are #3876, the Birney, Marble Cliff Quarries 0-4-0T #1 and the hand car with the line tower used to work on the overhead wires.  The line car was a bit rickety, but did the job.

Another view of the car barn which housed OPS #21 and Columbus Railway Power & Light Company center cab work motor #067.  The car in the foreground is OPS lightweight interurban #64.

A close up of Ohio Public Service (OPS) #21 wooden interurban built by the Niles car Co. of Niles, Ohio, in 1905.  The wooden railroad-style pilot was incorrect for this car and was later replaced by an authentic basket-weave fender.  #21 was originally built for OPS predecessor, Toledo, Port Clinton & Lakeside Railway.  OPS #64 is on the right.