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Railroading Around Worthington, Ohio

        Worthington is situated just north of Columbus.  From broad and High Streets, the center of Columbus, to the center of Worthington is 9.4 miles. 

        In the 1950's, the time bench mark for this  web site, two class I railroads, the Pennsylvania Railroad's double track Columbus - Sandusky branch and the New York Central Railroad's Columbus - Cleveland single track main, skirted the eastern edge of Worthington.  An interurban line, The Columbus, Delaware and Marion Electric Company, had also served Worthington but was abandoned in 1933.

        As originally built in the early 1900's the CD&M E Co. was routed on Route 23 (High Street) through  the center of the Worthington on its way to Columbus.  In 1926 part of the line was relocated from just north of Worthington east to the west side of the PRR/NYC RR tracks and then south along those tracks for about 6 miles where it rejoined the original route on into downtown Columbus.  In 1948 part of that relocated CD&M E Co. right-a-way in Worthington was acquired by the Ohio Railway Museum.     

        Worthington's three railroad stations were closed with two of them torn down (the CD&M E Co. and NYC RR) by the 1950s and no passenger trains stopped with two single exceptions which will be described  at a later time.  Still Worthington was a great train watching spot through out the 1950's.  The PRR used big J1 2-10-4s on its coal trains.  It took two J1s to pull the loaded north bound coal drags as there was a 3/10 % grade from Grogen yard in Columbus to Lewis Center about 5 miles north  of Worthington.  The NYC RR used a mixture of steam and first generation diesels on its 12 daily passenger trains the blew through Worthington at 70 plus MPH. 

        There was also an interlocking tower in Worthington where the PRR crossed the NYC RR as well as a siding on each railroad used for local businesses. The NYC RR had a passing track heavily used during the passenger train era to hold freight trains while the passenger trains flew past.

        This section of will show some of the railroading around the Worthington area in the 1950's to mid 1960's and a little history as well.