Your Turn
Apr. 2018

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Write Your Own Cartoon Caption

         For the April 2018 cartoon our artist submitted a captionless drawing. We asked our readers to submit their own caption. Here are the submissions that didn't quite make the grade --

"My wife told me that if I bought any more model trains I'd be in the doghouse. I took that as an invitation." - Ken Smith

"Love me tender..." - Steve Stirling

“I swear there was a train attached when we left!” - George Campbell

"What do you mean she doesn't take diesel fuel? I just filled 'er up"- Tom Dailey

“What do you mean there’s no coal?? We’ve been using coal for years and now you say we’re switching to diesel?? This damn railroad I swear...” -. Carl Camp

“We've been on duty 3 hours now and they still don't have our train ready, this would be a great place to run a Railroad.” - Brandon Lee

“How many times have I told you? Mind the switch at Union Station; you will lose the whole train if you don't!” - Noel Giles Kennedy

“I was just updating my Facebook page, next thing I know I looked up and they were gone!” - Kelley Henry

When you was talking to the TM crap was getting deep! I got up here so it wouldn’t get on my new boots.” - Storm Ratliff

“No, I thought you brought the scoop.” - Anonymous

“I`m a tellin you. There waz kars dere when we uns left da yard !!” - Russ Thompson

“Oh, yea. My wife sent me to the dog house last week. But hey, at least I don’t have to go far to get to work.” - Ben Swope

         A special thanks to everyone who submitted a caption.