Switch Tender
Nov. 2016

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Fourth Street Switch Tender

                                  I recall my first day at 4th Street
                                  With the tower at US on my back.
                                  From the speaker they squawked out orders
                                  on how I should line the track.

                                  A helper’s drift’n down from Milo
                                  and something about St. Clair,
                                  What the heck’s a “Burt Line”?
                                  I’m about to pull out all my hair!

                                  Pan Handle trains are Pennsy
                                  But B&O shares the same line
                                  N&W comes east on the CA&C
                                  Was this seriously done by design?

                                  Third Street, High Street and Spruce Street
                                  and the Little Miami yard
                                  The loco shops at 20th Street,
                                  This can’t really be that hard.

                                  Can’t stop these drags from moving
                                  God forgive a varnish be held.
                                  Should I run number 30 into “Yard B”.
                                  I’ll be teachin’ folks how to cold weld.

                                  Olentangy announces an eastbound
                                  Was it a yellow or green flag I used?
                                  The more I thought the dumber I got
                                  This puzzle switch has me confused.

                                  So long to Dennison, Fields and Azo
                                  and Neilston somewhere between
                                  My trick is through and I walk away
                                  From the darnedest thing I’ve ever seen!