Third St Viaduct - 2

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Third Street Viaduct Construction
Part 2 - Looking South

Photo from the Columbus Citizen-Journal, Scripps-Howard Newspapers/Grandview Heights Public Library/ Collection.
1. N&W freight house
2. PRR freight house
3. The new B&O freight house
4. Columbus Union Station
5. The Smith Brothers Hardware on Fourth Street
6. NYC East Yard
7. NYC yard office
8. Once the Adams Express facility later renamed Railway Express Agency.
9. The NYC (Big Four) freight house.

        The B&O Railroad lost about half their property on the south side of Columbus Union Station to the Third Street Viaduct construction including their freight house. Since by 1959 steam was gone the old steam locomotive servicing facility along Fourth Street was torn down and a new smaller freight house constructed. A new locomotive service building for diesels was built at their yard near Port Columbus on the eastside.

        To view this area before the Third Street Viaduct construction started click here.

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