Rivers Confluence

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Scioto-Olentange Rivers Confluence

The camera, positioned over Grandview, is looking southeast toward central city Columbus. The Olentangy River on the left and Scioto River on the right converge on the north side of Franklinton. The Franklinton section of Columbus was devastated during the Great Flood that swept over the Midwest in March of 1913.
Four of the five Class I railroads are shown on this and the following photo closeup. There are two three railroad interlocking towers in the photo, Tab-3, Olentangy Tower (A.K.A., HV Cabin) and Tab-5, Scioto Tower (A.K.A., LM Cabin).
1. PRR's Spruce Street Yard and Roundhouse.
2. C&O RR's Yard A.
3. Olentangy Tower (A.K.A. HV Cabin).
4. PRR's Grandview Yard.
5. Scioto Tower (A.K.A. LM Cabin.
6. C&O RR's Mound Street Yard.

The B&O had trackage rights over the NYC (Big Four) between GN Tower and Union Station.
1. PRR Davis Yard.
2. B&O Tower (A.K.A. GN Tower) .
3. NYC (T&OC) West Columbus Yard.

This view marks the major streets and a few landmarks.
1. Goodale Blvd (in the Columbus city limits it becomes Goodale Street).
2. Ohio State Penitentiary.
3. West Broad Street.
4. Town Street.
5. Rich Street.
6. Low Level Dam.
7. Mound Street.
8. Dublin Street.
9. Spring Street.
10. Sandusky Street.
11. Route 33.