Columbus Union Station

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Columbus Union Station - 1907

Photo of the Month - July 2017

Postcard from the Alex Campbell Collection

        The Columbus Union Station Arcade was the most popular Columbus postcard subject in the early Twenty-Century. This particular postcard with a 1907 postmark is an example. It provides the only view of the top of the two arches.

        It does make one wonder just how the flagman gained access to the base of the two flag poles. One possibility was a door that opened on to the Arcade roof. The flagman could then use a ladder to reach the arch roof to hoist the flag. It’s likely the roof access door would have been near the far arch where there was a stair well leading to the second floor. The center section of the Arcade behind the pillars was a two story part of the arcade.

        When was the last time a flag was flying from the two flag poles? The far arch was removed in 1930 to provide a better access to the station. That modification likely ended flag flying from even the remaining arch.

        This view clearly shows the streetcar crossover track that allowed streetcars to terminate their run at the depot and reverse direction. In the early days of the 1897 depot the store front closest to the far arch held a waiting room for the streetcar passengers. You can see people gathered in front of the old waiting room waiting for the next streetcar. Later the waiting room became the Union Station Cigar Store.

        Of the approximately 40 CUS postcards available for viewing on Columbus Railroad’s Flicker site none show the complete station building which was located about 500 feet east of High Street behind the far arch. Six of the postcards do show a glimpse of the station building or train shed in the far background.

        You can view the Flicker posted cards by clicking here.