Alco T6

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Switching the Freight House

Photo of the Month - April 2014

Alco T6 No. 44 switching the Norfolk & Western Freight House. Photo by Paul Maykuth, July 1971.

        There were 57 Alco T6 Transfer locomotives built of which 40 were bought by the N&W. The T6 was the transfer version of the more popular Alco S6. The 1000hp locomotives were built starting in 1958. It was reported that the T6 models were mostly used on the east end of the N&W so it might have been unusual to find one in Columbus.

        There were two N&W freight houses in Columbus located side by side facing on Mt. Vernon Avenue. The freight house in the background was the outbound that lay along Fifth Street. Click here to see a map of the area.