West Broad Station

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West Broad Street
Trolley Coach Station
circa 1947

The photo is from the Columbus Citizen-Journal, Scripps-Howard Newspapers/Grandview Heights Public Library/Photohio.org Collection.

        With the introduction of trolley coaches in 1933 came new vocabulary. Off duty streetcars were stored in car houses also called car barns. Trolley coaches were stored at stations of which there were three in Columbus, the Cleveland Avenue Station, the Glenwood Station and the West Broad Station shown here being constructed in 1947. For heavy repairs to trolley coaches there was the Kelton Avenue Shops and for motor buses the 9th Street Garage.

        In 1947 the newest station was both under construction and being used by trolley coaches as the last streetcar lines were being converted to trolley coach lines. The 2 ½ acre station was located on West Broad Street along the west side of the C&O railroad.

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