Goodale & High Streets

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Columbus Street Scenes

Goodale & High Streets - 1914

        The last stop on the 1914 High Street series of photos was taken just north of Union Station at Goodale and High Streets. The Railway YMCA is on the corner. It provided a place for train crews to stay while waiting for their next assignment which would return them to their home base. Car No. 601 has come from the Schiller Park line.

        It is three o'clock in the afternoon and you can see three streetcars in one two-block stretch. Business was very good for the CRP&L Co. in 1914. It was also incredibly important for the growth of the city.

        The tracks turning left (west) onto Goodale Street are used by the Neil Avenue cars that will terminate at the south end of the University campus.

        The seven 1914 High Street photos covered a distence of 1.2 miles through the commercial heart of Columbus. A majority of streetcar lines in Columbus traversed at least part of this section of High Street.