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September 2016

Ten Years and Counting - #3
Columbus Railroads Photos

         Photos are like a time machine taking us to a long ago foreign land – Columbus of the past. With the help of our imagination we can almost enter the scene and learn about that time in our history.
         Clicking the left select button on your computer with the curser on the photo or when using an ipad tapping on the screen will enlarge the photo. Some photos will further enlarge by clicking on that left select button or tapping on the screen a second time.
         The details in a photo are often the most intriguing part. I like to take a batch of photos and place them in the background directory for my computer. As the various photos pop up for their turn as the computer screen’s background I will often notice something missed the previous times I looked at the photo. Coming back to the photo again and again helps me see more of those details.
         As an example click here for the photo of a limestone quarry on the west side of Columbus circa 1905. It is loaded with the details of 1905 work life – an excellent candidate for a tour as your computer background.