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Copyright and Usage Information

         Materials digitized on this site may be protected by copyright,  licensing and other restrictions, although many of the original artifacts  are in the public domain. These artifacts were digitized for   display with permission of the owners of the artifact. The website  organization is the work of Alex Campbell ©2014 (e-mail:  alexjcampbell   removing the "-AT-").  The rights to the digital representations are  governed by the license below, unless otherwise stated. When using   material under this license, credit this site, the owner of the artifact  and the creator of the artifact. Some artifact owners have their own  policies for use of representations of their artifacts. For commercial or  large scale re-publishing as a collection, you should contact any rights  owner, owner of the artifacts and myself.

         This site also links to other web sites, you must contact that  site owner for any use of their materials.

         The original artifacts may have copyright and other rights  owned by their creator or assignee. It is the  responsibility of the user to determine if anyone still holds rights to  the original work and get permission from them for any purpose beyond  "fair use".

         In most cases, United States works published before 1923, published  before 1964 and not renewed, published before 1977 without copyright   notice, or published between 1977 and March 1989 without copyright notice   (and not corrected within 5 years), are in the public domain. Works  created by an employee of the federal government are also usually in the   public domain. More information about Copyright is available from the  Library of Congress. An independently maintained,   U.S. Catalog of copyright renewals can be used to investigate whether  a copyright between 1923 and 1963 has been renewed.

         Many of the items on this site were created by now defunct companies  and determining whether anyone still owns rights and who to get permission  from is difficult if not impossible. If I have included an item still  copyrighted and you, as owner, feel it's inclusion is not "fair use",  please contact me and I will remove it. Alternatively, I can add contact  information and any restrictions you wish to place on its use.

         The portions of this website that Alex Campbell owns rights to, are license under a   Creative Commons License.