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Traction Videos

1965 - Coumbus Trolley Coach - Turning a trolley coach at the end of the Oak Street line is highlighted.

Steam Railroad Videos

Baltimore & Ohio Railroad

1940 - Passenger Train on the B&O - Educational film, narration for children, video for railfans.

1987 - B&O - Don Paxton's B&O - B&O Conductor Don Paxton video taped his run on the CN Division from Newark - Zanesville back to Newark to Columbus and Newark again. There is also a Don Paxton website - click here

Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad

1914 - Hocking Valley Railway Starr Train Wreck - From Tales of Southeastern Ohio.

New York Central Railroad

1928 - NYC Hudson Cab Ride - The Hudson 4-6-4 were used extensively through Columbus. This video shows the engineer at work.

1933 - Rhapsody of the Rails - New York Central passenger trains from locals to limited.

ca. 1950 - NYC Water Level Route - While the film has very little footage shot around Columbus it shows the various locomotives that ran through Columbus on the Big Four line in the 1950s. A shot taken from Olentangy (HV Cabin) Tower is at 5:40.

Pennsylvania Railroad

1903 - Location Unknown - Train Taking Up Mail Bag, U.S. Post Office - early RPO car.

1929 - PRR-TAT-AT&SF Coast-to-Coast Service - First weeks of the new Coast-to-Coast Train to Plane Service with shots taken at Columbus.

1929 - PRR-TAT-AT&SF Coast-to-Coast in 48 Hours - First weeks of the new Coast-to-Coast Train to Plane Service with shots taken at Columbus.

1952 - Progress On the Rails - PRR promotional film featuring diesel locomotives.

1953 - Wheels of Steel - PRR promotional film featuring the GG-1 Electric Locomotive.

1956 - PRR - PRR J1's and Santa Fe 2-10-4's on the PRR Sandusky Branch. From Steam and Diesel on the Pennsylvania Railroad, Vol. II by Herron Rail Video.

Penn Central Railroad

1974 - Penn Central - Movie used in request to obtain federal funding for the bankrupt Penn Central railroad. The video includes shots taken in Columbus.

Railroading Skills

1948 - The Railroad Signal - Presented by the New York Central System.

2012 - The Lost Art of Railroad Hand Signals - Railtown 1897 State Historic Park, Jamestown, CA.

2012 - Railway Hand Signals, a quiz - As used on the Canadian National Railway.

Industry Videos

ca. 1930 - Anthracite Coal Mining - While not Columbus or Ohio this silent film shows Pennsylvania coal miners at work.

ca. 1990 - Hulett Ore Unloaders - A big business for railroads going through Columbus was delivering coal to Lake Erie. This video of the Hulett Ore Unloaders shows how bulk products were handled at the docks.

Railfan Videos

1960-80s - Video by Joe Slanser - Scenes of Marion, Columbus and Pennsylvania.

1995 - Moving AC Tower in Marion - In the mid 1990s a group of railfans in Marion banded together to save the Marion Depot. They also obtained the decommissioned AC Tower provided they moved it across the old Erie/Big Four main.

2019 - WOSU Columbus Neighbourhoods visits the Age Of Steam Roundhouse, Cook Road and answers the question "Why no Amtrak in Columbus".

Ohio Railway Museum

1966-72 - ORM - The Golden Years - The Ohio Railway Museum at its best.

ca. 1970 - ORM - The Saga of N&W No. 578 - Clovis Butterworth describes his exerience on the steam crew at the ORM.

Railroad Theme Cartoons

1936 - Fontaine Fox's Toonerville Trolley - a classic cartoon.

1950 - Walt Disney - The Brave Engineer - Based on the ballad of Casey Jones.

City Scene Videos

1906 - San Francisco - A Trip Down Market Street - four days before the 1906 earthquake.

1911 - New York City - A Trip Through New York City.

ca. 1927 - New York City - New York Central Railroad - The Westside Line.

1913 Flood - The Greatest Natural Disaster in Ohio History: The Flood of 1913 - A USGS Documentary.

1913 Flood - Michael Riser interviews his grandmother, a survivor of the Great Flood of 1913. She talks about her experience during this dark time in Ohio history.