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The Western & Atlantic Railroad No. 3, "The General" on display at Columbus Union Station in 1965  during the 100th year observance of the Civil War.

Photo from the Alex Campbell Collection

Railroad Exhibits
Columbus, Ohio

From time-to-time over the years the railroads around Columbus have sponsored or hosted exhibits for the public. It can be historical equipment like the Civil War locomotive The General in 1888 and again in 1965, or it can introduce a new service like the NYC Explorer in 1956, or it might promote a safety message. Sometimes the railroads are just the carrier of displays like the 1915 Liberty Bell Tour or the 1948 and 1975 American Freedom Train visits to Columbus.
         We are going to stretch the category and include funeral trains the most notable being the President Abraham Lincoln funeral train in 1865.
         As time permits the list of exhibits will be further described and will include a photo or two where possible. Readers who would like to add to the Railroad Exhibits list should email their suggestions to columbusrr@att.net. Suggestions are most welcome.


The President Abraham Lincoln funeral train - photos & article


Western & Atlantic Civil War locomotive No. 3, "The General" - photo & article


B&O RR Locomotive "Arabian" understeam on High Street -


PRR Locomotive "John Bull" and two coaches - photo & newspaper accounts


CD&M interurban parlor car at the Fair Grounds -


PRR - The liberty Bell comes to Columbus - photo & newspaper accounts


CRP&L safety exihibit at Ohio State Fair -


NYC locomotive No. 999 and the DeWitt Clinton at the Big Four freight house -


PRR "World's Fair Exhibition Train" - K4 with a four car train at Union Station. -


PRR locomotives at the 20th Street shops on display for railfan trips to Columbus. -


LM&S Ry - the Coronation Scot, locomotive and train on display at Union Station. -


C&O Steam Turbine locomotive at Yard A -


The first American Freedom Train Sept. 5-6, 1948 at OSU -


French 40 & 8 box car, a gift from the French people. -


B&O/C&O historic railroad equipment at the Ohio State Fair Grounds -


110th anniversary first train in Columbus, C&O No. 377 w/ex Hocking Valley combine -


W&A Civil War locomotive No. 3 "The General" at Union Staton -


C&O No. 377 and ex Hocking Valley combine at Canal Winchester -


Amtrak turbo passenger train at Union Station -


The second American Freedom Train May 22-June 2, 1975 at the
Defense Construction Supply Center. -


Amtrak No. 159 Turbo passenger train west of High St. -