F-R-C Quarry

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Stone Quarry

        In the early years the company operated their own quarry to obtain stone for bridge construction. The quarry was located on the Toledo & Ohio Central (Eastern Division) near Fulton, Ohio in Morrow County. These three photos from the F-R-C Collection were taken April 26, 1892.
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Standing in the quarry with the workmen are (1) Andy M. Rumer, (2) Charles V. Rumer, (3) Frank L. Rumer, and (4) James Rumer.

There is a railroad track along the top edge of the quarry. A gondola can be seen along side the building on the left.

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The second photo also shows the railroad track along the top edge of the quarry with a flat car being loaded with cut stone.  This photo was taken to the right of the top photo looking at the same quarry wall.

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The building and a small roof covered work area at the left are also in the second photo.