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Poor’s Manual of the Railroads - Steam Railroads

The Poor’s Manual of the Railroads was first published in 1868. It is principally a financial report on the various railroads in the United States both steam and traction. Of special interest to the railfan are the equipment counts and dates when the lines were built and when they were involved in mergers and acquisitions. Two sources for digital copies of the complete manuals are found as follows:

         Poor's Manual of Railroads, 1872-1924 (Hathi Trust Digital Library ) - some copies missing

         Poor's Manual of Railroads, 1868-1917 (Robarts – University of Toronto)

Particular to Central Ohio are excerpts from Poor's Manual of individual lines that eventually became part of the five class I railroads that served Columbus in the mid-Twentieth Century.

Selected Entries

Baltimore & Ohio Railroad

         The B&O section of the Poor’s Manual is too large to include here. Select the 1899 Poor’s Manual
         and go to page 48 for the start of the 35 page B&O section.

Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad

         1899 - The Hocking Valley Railway

New York Central Railroad

         1899 - Cleveland Cincinnati Chicago & St. Louis Railway - Big Four Map

         1899 - Toledo & Ohio Central Railway - T&OC Map

Norfolk & Western Railroad

         1899 - Norfolk & Western Railway

Pennsylvania Railroad

         1899 - Columbus Sandusky & Hocking Railroad

         1899 - Cleveland Akron & Columbus Railway

         1899 - Pittsburgh Cincinnati Chicago & St. Louis Railway

Union Depot Company

         1899 - Union Depot Company