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Nineteenth Century

1859 - Railroads and Railroad Property in Columbus, from the Columbus Gazette - A reporter visits the Union Depot complex.

1869 - First Trip on the Hocking Valley, from the Ohio State Journal - A VIP trip 14 miles to Canal WInchester.

1886 - Mileage of a Locomotive, from the Columbus Dispatch - One passenger locomotive travels 32,472 miles in two months.

1891 - A Pan Handle Mail Train, from the Columbus Dispatch - Two reporters ride a Railroad Post Office car from Columbus to Richmond to report on the life of a Nineteenth Century RPO Clerk.

1893 - Lost Cars & The Car-Tracer, from the Columbus Dispatch - The railroad's system to track their cars and the work of the car-tracer.

1897 - Interlocking Switches, from the Columbus Post Press - A newspaper reporter visits the seven interlocking towers in Columbus and explains just how they work.

1898 - Big Sunday, Columbus Entertained the State - 100,000 visit Camp Bushnell as the soldiers prepare for the Spanish-Americn War. The railroads have a big day.

Twentieth Century

1901 - Freight Crews of Hocking Valley Make a Trip Over the T&OC Lines, from the Findlay Republican - in preperation for joint HV-T&OC operation.

1912 - Member of Train Crew Which Moved Body of Lincoln, from the Columbus Evening Dispatch - Lincoln's funeral train Columbus - Indianapolis.

1922 - The Grandview Avenue Railroad Crossings, from the Columbus Evening Dispatch - Always a danger to auto driver and pedestrian alike.

1947 - Stationmaster Retires, from the Columbus Evening Dispatch - George F. Neymeyer retires after working at Columbus Union Station for 52 years.

Newspaper Articles

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