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Ohio Steam Railroad Accidents

         There were two Ohio railroad accidents outside of the Columbus area that are part of the lore of Columbus railroading. They both occurred on lines that went through Columbus. The wreck of the Cleveland Akron & Columbus gas-electric motor car near Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio would help eliminate the use of gasoline to power railcars in Ohio and elsewhere on the Pennsylvania Railroad.
         The other wreck, on the Pennsylvania Railroad’s Panhandle line near Coshocton, Ohio, that caused the death of soldiers on their way to train for the Korean War was particularly cruel and shocking.
         Both accidents, like most railroad accidents, were caused by human error.

July 31, 1940

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio - a Pennsylvania Railroad freight train and a passenger train collided head on. 42 passengers and one employee were killed and five employees were injured. - ICC Report  - Head on Collision: The Doodlebug Train Disaster  - Doodlebug Tragedy website

Sept. 11, 1950

Coshocton, Ohio - a Pennsylvania Railroad passenger train collided with the rear of a second passenger train. 33 passengers were killed, 258 passengers and 20 employees injured. - ICC Report  - Korean War Educator website (includes the Keystone article by Richard C. Jacobs and David Apple.

Other Accidents

July 11, 2012

Columbus, Ohio - a Norfolk Southern Railway Co. freight train encountered a broken rail derailing 17 cars including three ethanol tank cars. One bystander was injured. - NTSB Report