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The Dan Macke Collection

The Way it Was.

         The late Dan Macke was a retired Pennsylvania Railroad/Penn Central/Conrail trainman, railfan and rail historian. One of his special interests was comparing the rail network that he worked around to the existing railroad valuation, company and Sanborn fire maps. From this research he would create his own railroad maps of the Columbus and Cincinnati area.
         Columbus Railroads has been fortunate to be gifted with Dan Macke‚Äôs Columbus notebook. The notebook has his notes and some reference material he collected over the years as well as the maps he carefully prepared.
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Baltimore & Ohio Railroad

Pre-1976 - Stations & Sidings - B&O Western Region/Newark Division.

Columbus Union Depot

1865 - Drawing - Columbus Union Depot No. 1.

New York Central Railroad - Maps

ca. 1965 - Dan Macke Map - Big Four - Olentangy Tower/HV Cabin - (HV Block Station).

ca. 1965 - Dan Macke Map - T&OC - Grandview Tower/BJ Interlocking Tower.

1965 - Interlocking Diagram - Ohio Central Division - Miami Crossing (MI Tower).

Pennslyvania Railroad - Interlocking Diagrams

1966 - Interlocking Diagram - Columbus District - High Street and Water Street Interlocking plus the
        Dennison Avenue Block Station.

1930 - Interlocking Diagram - Columbus District - Neilston (US Tower).

1966 - Interlocking Diagram - Columbus District - Cleveland Avenue - (RA Block Station).

1943 - Interlocking Diagram - Columbus Division - Joyce Avenue (CW Tower).

Pennslyvania Railroad - Maps

**NEW** 1965 - Dan Macke Map - Columbus & Newark Division - Alum Creek Tower (AC Block Station).

ca. 1970 - Dan Macke Map - Columbus & Newark Division - Cleveland Avenue (RA Block Station).

ca. 1965 - Dan Macke Map - Grogan Yard - Fields Avenue (FR Block Station).

1955 and before - Dan Macke Map - Ohio State Fair Grounds - shows changes to Columbus & Sandusky Shortline, which became the PRR Sandusky Branch, through the fair grounds area.