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Far North End - Looking South

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         Scioto Darby Creek Road crosses over the northern edge of Buckeye Yard. In these photos the camera is looking south from Scioto Darby Creek Road back toward Roberts Road.

         To learn more about Buckeye Yard, as it was originally designed by the Pennsylvania Railroad, select “Brochure” or "1969 Drawing" above.

Looking South From Scioto Darby Creek Road

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The two tracks conversing toward the camera lead to the Toledo bound Conrail line (previously the New York Central -T&OC line).  The track on the left is coming from the Departure Yard and the one on the right leads to the Receiving Yard.

The track crossing these two tracks is the old Pennsylvania – Bradford line, left to Columbus and right to Hilliard where in 1990 it ends.

The Departure Yard track also connects to the line to Hilliard.  Curving along the truck park is a connection from the old PRR-Bradford line to the Receiving Yard.

Off camera to the left are Receiving and Departure Yard track connectons to the Columbus side of the old PRR-Bradford line.

In the far distance the Roberts Road overpass can be seen (click on the photo).

Photo by David Reid, 1990-1995. (CR-03)

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The camera is looking south-southwest toward the entrance to the Receiving Yard in the far left corrner.

The locomotives are, left to right, No. 6329 an EMD SD40, No. 3380 an EMD SD40-2 and No. 1950 an GE B23-7.

Photo by David Reid, 1990-1995. (BY-18)

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Our photographer has widened the view to show more of the Receiving Yard.  The four locomotives in the distance are on the West Runner track possibility headed to the locomotive servicing facility.  The three locomotives with a train in tow are heading into the Receiving Yard.

Photo by David Reid, 1990-1995. (BY-16)

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The camera has been moved to the left to show a chemical train with two locomotives on the inbound track from Columbus (old PRR-Bradford line).  Unless the locomotives are pushing this seems contradictory to the intended direction for this track.  The Receiving Yard is on the right and looks busy.

Photo by David Reid, 1990-1995. (BY-28)

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The camera is looking southwest.  No. 6136 is on the departure track leading to the Toledo line (old NYC -T&OC).  The string of four locomotives is on the Receiving Yard lead from the old PRR-Bradford Line.  The start of the Receiving Yard is in the left corner of the Photo.

Locomotive No. 6136 is a C40-8W.

Photo by David Reid, 1990-1995. (BY-38)

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The camera has panned further to the west.  The track closest to the two tin sheds is the old PRR-Bradford Line.  The next track, which is merging with the Bradford Line, is from the Departure Yard.  The track with the two locomotives is the Receiving Yard lead and also joins with the Bradford Line.

There is a track in the far field which ends before the fence.  It’s part of a complex of tracks that served industries clustered around Buckeye Yard.

The locomotives are left to right No. 6136 a GE C40-8W and No. 6709 an EMD SD50.

Photo by David Reid, 1990-1995. (BY-17)

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