Buckeye Yard

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North End - Looking North

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         Roberts Road also offers a view to the north where the PRR-Bradford line and New York Central's T&OC line are connected to Buckeye Yard. Both lines became Conrail lines in 1976 and in 1985 the Bradford line was abandoned. In the 1990s all that was left of the Bradford line was the section from Columbus-Hillard.

Looking North From Roberts Road

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The camera is on Roberts Road looking northeast.  The first track is the West Runner track used to move locomotives to the diesel servicing area.  The next four tracks are Receiving Yard tracks and the next three tracks are two Drill Tracks and the lead to the local yard.

The locomotives are EMD SD60M No. 5538 in the lead and EMD SD60 No. 6859.

Photo by David Reid, 1990-1995. (BY-23)

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The photo was taken from the same spot as the above photo.

Photo by David Reid, 1990-1995. (BY-09)

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