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After Steam - Photo Set-5

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HV Cabin (A.K.A Olentangy tower) the crossing of the NYC (Big Four), C&O and PRR (Bradford line).  In addition the B&O had trackage rights on the NYC.  The double track on the left leading to the bridge over the Olentangy River is the C&O.  The buildings are C&O as is the track (nicknamed Mud Track) leading toward the far side of the buildings.  The NYC built and staffed tower had an armstrong lever plant.

The camera is looking northwest. Photo by Jon Bentz, circa 1970.

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MI Cabin was the other Columbus triple crossing tower, C&O, NYC (T&OC) and PRR (Little Miami line).  MI Cabin (A.K.A. Scioto Tower) was staffed by the C&O.  Penn Central No. 6093 leads a coal train past LM Cabin using the C&O as a northbound detour.

The camera is looking south. Photo by Jon Bentz, 1968.

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Amtrak E8 No. 430 passing US Tower just east of Columbus Union Station with the National Limited.  US, a B&O tower, really did have a lean to it.

The camera is looking northeast. Photo by Jon Bentz, 1975.

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B&O F7 No. 4542 leads an eastbound freight on the shared NYC/B&O track approaching Columbus Union Station.  The Front Street Bridge is crossing over the tracks.  The freight will pass Union Station on the north side and enter the joint PRR/B&O trackage at US Tower.

The camera is looking west. Photo by Jon Bentz, 1970.

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Amtrak E8 No. 449 (ex-PRR 5895) with the westbound National Limited makes a Columbus stop in wintery conditions.  Fourth Street is crossing over the tracks.  The Amtrak Station that replaced Columbus Union Station is off camera to the left.  The passenger train would back out of the station before it could continue its journey west.

The camera is looking east. Photo by Jon Bentz, 1976.

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As passenger service was winding down in the late 1960s-70s sometimes the ICC or state regulatory boards refused to allow the railroads to discontinue some of their passenger trains.  For a time in the 1970s the New York Central used this Rail Diesel Car (RDC) in place a of a standard passenger train while waiting for permission to abandon service.  Here it is getting serviced in Columbus.

The camera is looking east. Photo by Jon Bentz, circa 1970.

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The NYC RDC car is getting a face wash in preperation for its return to Cleveland.

Photo by Jon Bentz, circa 1970.

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A very lonely and empty Columbus Union Station in the final year before the takeover of passenger service by Amtrak.  The camera is looking west down track 1 (on the left) and
track 2.

The Union Depot Powerhouse was on the close left followed by baggage, express and mail rooms.  The PRR used track 1-3 with track 1 handy for loading mail and baggage cars that were switched to and from mail and passenger trains spotted on track 2 or 3.

Photo by Jon Bentz, 1970.

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