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Granville, Licking County, Ohio

1920 Population 1440

         Granville was located on the New York Central Railroad (T&OC - Eastern Branch) between Alexandria to the north and Hebron to the south.   The Eastern Branch ran from Toledo to Thurston.
         Granville is the home of Denison University a source of passengers and freight for the T&OC. Old track maps show a 260 foot spur at the depot labeled the Denison track. The T&OC did not go through Newark (1920 population 26,718) so Granville became the railroads gateway to Newark.
         In 1889 the first interurban traction line in the country was started from Newark. Construction stalled two miles from Granville that first year, but was completed in 1890 providing a seven mile line from Granville to the B&O depot in Newark. The Newark-Granville Electric Railway provided a 17 minute ride. The line was abandonment March 10, 1923.

Photo from the Dan West ( Collection, circa 1910

Scenes Around Granville

Photo from the Alex Campbell Collection, pm1908

The baggage cart on the right denotes the location of the Granville interurban depot.   Broadway is miss-spelled on the photograph.

Photo from the Alex Campbell Collection, 1917

The Granville interurban depot faced on E Broadway near Main St.   The tracks continued west from the depot turning south on Main Street and ending at the T&OC depot.   There was a track on the side of the interurban depot for delivering and picking up freight.

Photo from the Alex Campbell Collection, circa 1910

Granville Depots in the Twenty-First Century

The Granville T&OC depot is now a real estate office, still in its original location. The track has been replaced by a bike trail that connects Johnstown with Newark. The fully restored 1954 3/4 ton Chevy belongs to the photographer.

Photo by Robert Roehrer, 2016
The Granville interurban depot is now the home of the Granville Historical Society.

Photo by Robert Roehrer, 2018.

Further Reading

Winter 1991 Issue of The Historical Times, newsletter of the Granville, Ohio, Historical Society.

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